Oaxaca, Mexico, February, 2001





From "The Memoirs" Volume Two:


            Then we were casting around for ideas for another project, and especially something to promote our condom store which we hadn’t done since the big selling of the 50,000 condom the year before.  We also wanted to take advantage of our Señor Condón’s growing popularity.  And February was coming up!  We came up with the title, “The Adventures of Señor Condón During the Month of Love.”





            We began taking photos of Señor Condón in various situations and writing press releases, packaging it all as a continuing story.  We sent out photos and stories to the newspapers every day during the month of February.




            The press got the idea right away!  They started giving us lots of ink and featuring Señor Condón virtually everyday, appearing in the news section, the health section, the city section and the editorial page.  They even ran a photo of him reading about himself in the papers.  He appeared in more than thirty-five stories in a twenty-eight day month!


            Here's a few of them.



*  *  *



            On the first day of February, the newspapers proclaimed the kick-off of the campaign for "Love Protected."  They called it "February, the month of love and friendship, the month of Señor Condón."




            Another headline proclaimed "Messages of Love Protected Appear in the Streets of Oaxaca."  Below, students from the high school in nearby Tule help Señor Condón by pasting up their posters of "AMOR."  Thanks, kids.




            The volunteers of the Frente Común, below, help spread the message of "Love Protected" with a big painted billboared during Señor Condón's monthlong campaign.




            He even made it into the Editorial pages.  Here the ROTATIVO calls him an active "member" of the Frente Común and "special friend to Oaxaca's youth."




            Señor Condón brings his message of protection and prevention to his young friends at the big Mercado Abastos.




            Señor Condón likes to read about himself in the local papers because he knows his message of protection and prevention is reaching thousands of readers in Oaxaca.  Below, EL EXTRA calls him a "Buena Onda" (Cool Dude).




            He even appeared in a NOTICIAS political cartoon, below, trampling out "ignorance and misinformation, his challenge to overcome!"




            In preparation for his big day tomorrow, February 14, Señor Condón visits his favorite barber shop, because he knows they always use "water-based lubrcants" to give him a special glow!  Good thinking, Señor Condón.




            Then on the lovely evening of February 13, and a stroll through the zócalo of Oaxaca, even Señora Condón gets press attention.  Below, portayed by actress Ruth Martínez, she says she's "proud of the good work of her husband during this wonderful month of love."

            She said, "As everyone knows, February is my husband's favorite month.  He knows it offers another great opportunity to spread his message of Love Protected, of a sexually responsible life.  ...

            "My husband is very pleased with the enormous number of 'fans' who always come and help make him a 'Hero to Oaxaca's Youth.'  ...

            "And he says always remember to use 'water-based lubricants,' kids.  Say NO to Oil-Based Lubricants!  NO to Vaseline!  NO to Butter!"

            She reported that her husband is very happy with the tremendous success of his favorite store, Condón-Manía, on J.P. Garcia Street No. 502, open Monday through Saturday, from 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm., which offers high quality condoms at low prices!

            Congratulations Señor and Señora Condón and have a wonderful day tomorrow, February 14, your own special Day of Love!




            Below, Señor Condón is happy to announce that his favorite store, Condón-Manía, this month passed 130,000 condoms sold!  Congratulations, everyone!




            Below, the newspaper ROTATIVO announces "Señor Condón Visits San Juanito," a nearby suburb, with his message of prevention and protection.




            The local NOTICIAS covered Señor Condón's press conference when he announced he had been invited to be this year's Grand Marshal in the Puerto Escondido Carnaval Parade at the end of the month!  Congratulations, Señor Condón!




            The press closely followed his trip to Puerto Escondido and proclaimed him "Hero" to the young people of the Oaxaca Coast.  They said he "created a great commotion wherever he went, as crowds called out his name and praised him for his good works!"




            Young and old alike were happy to see Señor Condón at the beach.




            The lifeguards of Puerto Escodido greated Señor Condón, saying "We're in the same business of saving lives!"  Thanks, fellas!




            So after all this wonderful activity, it was no surprise when he returned to the city of Oaxaca on the last day of February, and the youth group, Conscientous Youth of the Rosario Castellanos Women's Building, presented Señor Condón with its highest honor, the Man Of The Month Award!  Thanks, kids, and congratulations, everybody!




*  *  *


            Well, lots of people commented about how they loved seeing Señor Condón every day in the papers and our little condom store was selling over two hundred condoms a day!



*  *  *