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Midnights in the Lecture Hall

The Ensemble Street Players

Radical Theater Week, University of Washington

September, 1969





*  *  *

From "The Memoirs, Chapter Three" -



            The midnight “Smut Shows” turned out to be the hit of Radical Theater Week at the University of Washington.  We knew it all along.  The show was a mix of every dirty joke we knew with the women in low-cut dresses and the guys running around rubbing their crotches and sticking out their tongues in a horney manner every chance they could get.  Even Dan and Eunice’s eldest son, Jeffery, was recruited, a very underage drummer, beating out the bumps and grinds to the jokes.




          Brenda designed a smashing outfit which was perfect to show off her volumpiuos body.  Our midnight crowd loved it.








          In one of the skits, I played an old lady harranging the audience and Bob Galaher tries to get in my pants.






          John Counter and I did a short bit called "The Confession" where I confess to a long story of eating out my girlfriend's pussy to John's masturbating priest.




          At the end of my long confession, the priest ejaculates on himself and nods off to sleep.  The poor, innocent confesser, me, goes off dejected from not having received his forgiveness.  Ahhh, the Theater!



          And Billy King got to revive his famous fellatio scene with the antatomically-correct stuffed pig from "Futz and What Came After," by Rochelle Owens. 



          We were performing it in a lecture hall in front of a blackboard and facing rows of seats.  Between skits we played dirty-word hangman on the blackboard.  It was scheduled for three nights.  The first night got lots of spitballs thrown at the actors, to great hilarity.  By the third night the audience was bringing eggs and we practically ruined the blackboard.






            Our "Radical Theater Week" was a great success and the Ensemble Street Players enhanced their reputation a little more.



*  *  *