Mitchell Brothers' Music Hall Theater

San Francisco, June 25, 1977






            Our good friend, Vince Stanich, and manager of the Mitchell Brothers' O'Farrell Theater (as well as boyfriend of head Nickelette, Denise Larson, and the guy who always got us a big, Cadillac convertable to pull our floats in the San Francisco parades), said, "Bill, I'll get you our big, beautiful Music Hall Movie Theater on Polk Street for your premier of your movie.  No charge."

            That's the kind of guy he is.


            So we printed up a nice poster showing our three Out-Of-This-World space travelers zooming on their rocket to "Mars Thataway!"




Any resemblance to Abbott and Costello, below, is purely coincidental.




We got us a bit of local press.




We printed up a nice little program.




Loyal fan Jim Nettleton was the first in line (for several hours) for the big premier!




At last, the lights dimmed and a hush fell upon the crowd.


























            The Berkeley Barb called it "Funk & Fantasy."  What could they have been thinking?





        "... supercedes categorization."

        "... one must believe that the adjectives 'sleezy' and 'tacky' are not pejorative."

        "... The plot, for what it's worth, is classic."

        "... on the art side of the art-trash fence."

        "... subtle nuances ..."

        "... but those who appreciate the style of sophisticated funk indigenous to the Bay Area will find 'Rocket To Mars' a blast!"


*  *  *


To the slick trade magazine, "Super-8 Filmaker," we were the greatest example of Super-8 Feature Films EVER MADE!




They wrote a lot about us:


            "This group of people had no money and little experience; all they had was a dream."

            "The costumes cost nothing to make and were built from scratch with clothing found around the Arts Center and scrap material scavenged from all over town."

            "Many of the extras were people who just walked in off the street."

            "They broke every rule in the book and invented a few new ones, but the film is in the can.  ... It is a tribute to determination, ambition, teamwork and lunacy."



*  *  *


Don't miss...                   

          ROCKET TO MARS!