World-wide, 2001 - 2007


"Political propaganda, especially Communist-oriented, disseminated through literature, drama, art or music. ..."


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Below:  "La civilización occidental y cristiana" (The Western and Cristian Civilization), by León Ferrari, buenos Aires.



Below:  Rome, Italy, 2006.



Below:  The White House, Washington, D.C., 2006.



Below:  The Supreme Court Building, Washington, D.C., 2006.



Below:  Performance artist Elizabeth Romero, Jalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, 2005.



Below: Iraqi artist Salah Edine Sallot, Bagdad, Iraq, May 23, 2004.



Below: Israeli artist/activists, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2005.



Below: Jordanian actress, Suhair Fahed, (center) interprets United States soldier Lynndie England, in Amman, Jordan, 2006.



Below: The famous photograph of Lynndie England (right) on which is based the following installation.















Below:  Installation "The Dog," by Spanish artist Salvador Díaz, in the Arco annual art fair in Madrid, Spain, 2005.



Below:  Artist Fernando Botero at his exhibit at the Palazzo Venecia, Rome, Italy, October, 2005.



Below:  Iraqi artists install an effigy to Pope Benedict XVI, Basora, Iraq, 2005.



Below: Shop window, Bagdad, Iraq, 2004.



Below, a mural in Bagdad, first put up in 1992, as is appears today.  The writing at the bottom says, "We will not bow down to the infidel imperialists."



Below: Activist Reginald Keyes, London, England, 2004.



Below: Recreation of "The House of Osama Bin Laden," by British artist Langlands Bell, London, England, September 11, 2004.



Below:  Members of student brigade, "We Shall Win," Guayabal, Cuba, 2004.



Below, an activist dressed as a cockroach is evicted from the elitist, establishment Mexican restaurant chain, Sanborn's.



Below:  Mexico, City, Mexico, December, 2006.



Below:  Performance art, "The Taking of Atenco," Mexico City, 2006.



Below:  Teatro Vivo de Oaxaca, Oaxaca City, Mexico, May, 2006.



Below:  Teatro Vivo de Oaxaca, Day of the Dead Altar, Oaxaca, November, 2006.



Below: Teatro Vivo de Oaxaca, presentation "Justice Raped," Ninth Mega-March, Oaxaca, Mexico, February 3, 2007.



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Below, a couple of agitprops from history.




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Below, on January 6, 2008, the Museum of Europe in Brussels installed this replica of the torture equiptment used by Spain's dictator Francisco Franco.




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