Celebrity, star of the movie "Grey Gardens," singer and honored guest at Maria Manhattan's "The Box Lunch," 1920 - 2002.


            Edie was born at 987 Madison Avenue, New York, now site of the Carlyle Hotel.




            At Reno Sweeney's in the Village, not far from the Box Lunch, Edie made her singing debut.  Newsday said, "In a quavering soprano, she wandered in and out of melody."  (How tacky.)




            She visited the Box Lunch, of course, as one of the "honored Ladies," and we were all thrilled to have her, below, 1981.




            She was happy to sign one of the Box Lunch programs for me.  She called me the "token male."




            We even had her phone number and address for a while, below, which was not far from Maria's apartment, by the way.




            She sent Maria a nice letter thanking her for the wonderful time she had.  She decorated up the back of the envelope with her Zen thoughts and cleverly cut up Zeneth Television logos to conveigh her meaning.




            In reply, Maria made her a nice portcard, below.




            For some reason, she inspired a lot of creativity in out Box Lunch headquarters.  Below, some doodler has improved on her mink coat.




            The nuts come out of the woodwork!  The below rant was left in our offices.  It's a little hard to read, "Note: Sequined hood scarf and crystal goblet.  Thanx to her TV coverage.  Must have paid well.  She 'burns' to become an actress.  If she would only remain the same 'up-side-down skirt type' like we saw her in the movie but either she or some twit will fuck her up with glamour."



            Our gal.



*  *  *


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