Various Sources, 1926 - 2007




            I admit it, I'm hooked on celebrities.  Well, who isn't?  You clicked on this page after all.  I say let's enjoy.


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            In 1926, everybody's favorite celebrity was the Deco artist and designer, the one-named Erte, below.  Nice outfit.




Johnny Wiessmuller, in his "King of the Jungle" togs, c. 1932.




Henri-Cartier Bresson, getting the hang of his camera, 1935.




Marlon Brando studied "method acting" in 1946.




Celia Cruz, said "Hey!" among other things, early 1950's.




They sat down to breakfast with all America, 1953.




Here's one of the last photos ever taken of Thomas Pynchon, c. 1954.




Golly, c. 1954.




Hang on tight, James.




Of course, Sal Mineo is the real reason James Dean made that movie.  Couldn't you just ...?




One of her last concerts was on December 30, 1960.




Nothing better to do but sit around and ..., c. 1962.




Meanwhile, look who was working!




Looking good between takes, Shelley!  That was 1965.




Now, couldn't she just throw on any old thing and look terriff?  How did she do it?  Early 70's.




Well, here's another one who could, too!  Photo by Cecil Beaton, of course.




Meanwhile, at "The Factory" life was not always a bowl of cherries for Holly Woodlawn, here in "Broken Goddess," 1973.  Thanks, Andy.




Now I remember!  Below, 1980.




Bette didn't want to go, but she had to be there, of course.  1981.




Now we're getting somewhere!  You tell 'em, Devine!  Below, mid-80's.




And our own Sharon McNight, 1988.  Lookin' good!




            In May, 1990. Vanity Fair wrote, "Girls, girls!  Iris Love and Brook Astor are caught in the middle of a bitch fight as their pets fly into a tizzy over a tray of doggy canapés at a party celebrating show dogs, dachshunds in particular."




Mexico will not be outdone, damn you!  Below, the one and only Tongolele, with her friends Nińon Sevilla and Margo López, 1998.  Nice.




Well, nor will Italy, really.




Now not everyone can where a bow that size, you know?




            Before she was arrested by the Brazilian government for being a bad influence (!) on young girls (for THREE years, fa' christ 'ake), Gloria Trevi was an inspiration to young girls through out Latin America.  Bless 'er heart!




And the best singer, well, of the Century!  Chavela Vargas, below.






And here she is with Maria Dolores Pradera, touring Spain.




Poor Queen Sofia of Spain.  She hardly knows where to look, 2003.




Everyone's favorite, of course.




With his boyfriend, Diego. 



And his director, Alejandro.  Mmmmm.




Johnny's playing hard to get, of course, but we all know ..., 2004.  (See also BARDEM, JAVIER!)




Keep up the good work, Liz!  Below, 2007.




Well, that's my little collection of celebrities, my friends.  I hope we haven't forgotten anyone.  Hmmm.


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(OK, One more.)




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