Below, the best news of the whole year!




Below, these two young dogs join a march promoting the better treatment of pets, Mexico City, June 10. 2007.




Below, a young puppy is adopted by a Resus monkey, Bangladesh.




Below, Toby, an Irish terrier, is auditioned for a part in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" at the London Paladium, April 16, 2004.




Below, a rancher and his dog pose near a contamination detector in Palomares, Mexico, 1994.




Below, a breeder of Border Collies in Elgóibar, País Vasco, Spain.




Below, "At My Side," by William Wegman, 2000.




Below, a well-dressed dog.




Below, Charlie, a very good dog, Seattle, Washington, 1971.



Below, "... In the first AIDS walk in Oaxaca, Dr. Bertha Elena put a T-shirt on Dottie.  Everyone thought it was cute except Dottie." Oaxaca, Mexico, 1994.



Special Section: Dottie takes a walk in the grass               ...MORE


Below, "I will NOT have my picture taken!" "You WILL have your picture taken!" "I will NOT have my picture taken!" "You WILL have ..." Felipe, Oaxaca, Mexico, 2001.




            Finally, permit me to mention my favorite book of my whole life, a wonderful volume called "Prince and Other Dogs," by Libby Hall.  It features dog portraits during the Victorian era of early studio photography.  Bloomsbury Books, New York, 2000.  I can look at it for hours.













Remember, "Prince, And Other Dogs," Libby Hall, Bloomsbury Books, New York, 2000.