Singer, comedienne, San Francisco, New York, 1946 - 1986



            When we were putting together our big musical extravaganza, "Aimee and the Pagaent of Salvation" (it was spring of 1974), our friend Maria Scatuccio mentioned she was singing with a group called Leila the Snake and her All-Girl Scales, or something like that, and that Leila would be great to do the music for our show.  I said, fine, bring her around.  Leila turned out to be a great gal named Jane Dornacker and she and Maria ended up doing all the music for the show and Leila did a great solo number "Down Mexico Way," or something like that.




            Jane became a great friend and we would work with her for years.  Here she is singing in a club, below, with Joshua Brody (Righteous Raul) on the keyboard.








            Jane was doing an hilarious character called Marge Battaglia, a cooking expert and clear take-off on Julia Childs.  She filmed a great video of it for Maria's show, "The Box Lunch" in 1979.






            She went on to become the queen of San Francisco comedy scene in the late '70s winning awards and appearing at all the hot clubs - The Palms, The Other, Bimbos and had a career in radio doing hilarious traffic reports.  She also appeared with The Tubes at the height of their popularity and wrote their hit song "Don't Touch Me There".













            Jane even came to my show in New York in 1985, below.  Here she is with Maria's parents, Jimmy and Marie.  That's my "Dead Man" behind them.





*  *  *