Various sources, 1986 - 2007 





This guy just won a prize in the rodeo.  Gee, I wonder what he's going to do with all that money?




Here's an oil worker on the Bay of Campeche.




And a construction worker on the new double-deck freeways in Mexico City.
















This guy's trying to decide whether to go into Bill Wolf's "Lucha Libre" exhibit.  Come on in, fella.  It says, "Free Admission."




That's my friend, Alfredo Ramírez, in Condón-Manía.  A real nice guy.






These young men say "NO" to war!  Keep up the good work, fellas.




Here's a fine looking young man with a good cause:  "A World with Marijuana Is Possible."  HE should be president!








Here's my friend, Pepe Blas, from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.




And my friend, José Antonio Castañeda.  Hi, Toñio!




And we posed Javier "getting on the bus."  Good job, Javier.




Why, it's Freddi Iván, star of "La Academía," from nearby Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca.  He's a good dancer.




Another popular soccer star, Francisco Palencia.  Good luck, Paco!




Say, how about those Pumas!






Adolpho Bonales is from the "golden age" of Lucha Libre.




Here's my friend, printer and lithographer, Fernando Sandoval, in about 1992.




This became a well-known photo by my friend, Ariel Mendoza.  I can see why.




Rodrigo is studying hard for Bill.  Keep up the good work, Rodrigo!




This is an indigenous Chamán from nearby Campeche.  Nice outfit.




Here's Alfredo again.  Lookin´ cool, Alfredo!



This is Iván.




And good friend Boris Spider.  Golly.




I don't know who that is on the microphone, but I'm looking.




            Say, they always have real nice traditional costumes down here, don't they?  I wonder how he keeps that thing on.




            And I really want to thank my friend Joaquín Robles Mora for sending me this nice photo he took of last summer's Gay Parade in Mexico City.  He's got a good eye.




... And a boy.




            And then I'm just reading in the paper about a new study which proves that "Mexicans are among the most sexually satisfied."  Gee, I could have told 'em that.




            And you know, they've got very creative ways to do their protests down here, don't they?  Nice.




            At the river.




            This poor guy was stung by African bees, below.  He's recuperating in the hospital.




            On the bus.




            And these kids are dancing the traditional dances of San Salvador Atenco, in the state of Mexico.  They're good dancers.



            Well, those men of Mexico, they're just really nice guys, you know?




That's Mexico.


*  *  *