President of Bolivia, Indigenous Aymara, born in Orinoco, Oruro, 1959 -




            His graduation from high school was the last time Evo Morales was photographed in a suit and tie, below.




            As a student he became involved in student politics and indigenous issues of his community.




            Evo Morales became a deputy for his district and began to receive strong support from miners unions, cocao growers and indigenous communities.









            When he decided to run for president of the country, he immediately became a hero to huge masses throughout Bolivia.














He took reporters to the house where he was raised.




            By the time of voting on December 18, 2005, he was well ahead in the polls and called the virtual president-elect.




            As results came in it became clear he had a full 51% in a three-person race, thereby avoiding a run-off.  The country of Bolivia erupted in celebration.










            He immediately went on a long, world-wide tour, first in his own country to the Ruins of Tiwanaku, below.




            They said he took one sweater.










            In fact, the sweater sparked “EVO MANIA” around the world!








            People speculated about what he would wear for his swearing in on January 22, 2006; surely not a suit and tie?  Nope.






            As president he has had a high profile and respected voice.  He has a close relationship with many important world leaders.










            In the officies of LA JORNADA in Mexico City, Evo Morales is welcomed by Editor and Director Carmen Lira Saade, below,




            Nice shirt, Maradona!








            Though not a natural athlete, Evo delights in playing the game.












            Nice sweater, Evo!




            Addressing the General Assembly of the United Nations, Morales notes that by nationalizing the petroleum of his country, he has had to raise neither taxes nor gas prices.  He proclaimed “…for the sake of our Mother Earth, we must ERADICATE CAPITALISM!”




*  *  *


            Then in May of this year, 2007, at the Latin-American Summit, he and Hugo Chavez lead a movement to “combat Northamerican Imperialism!”




            And just the other day, Evo visited the set of a movie being made about his life and met the actor portraying him.  The got a ringer for him, didn't they?




*  *  *