International Brazilian soccer star now playing for Barcelona, 1980 -



Following in his Brazilian friend Ronaldo's footsteps, this Brazilian soccer player is now playing for Team Barcelona, Spain.


















Ronaldinho got something of a bum rap a few years ago when he was approached by the organization promoting childhood braces on teeth of kids around the world.  Now everyone knows Ronaldinho is well loved by kids and has quite noticable buck teeth.  They wanted him to say how he should have had braces when he was young, and how sorry he is that he didn't.  Well, Ronaldinho thought about it and knew it was a good cause, of course, but in the end he decided not to participate.  They came down heavy on him and tried to make him out a bad person.






In 2006, Ronaldinho was voted Player of the Year.






Below, with his friend Ronaldo.





Ronaldinho further got a bum rap recently when his team was shooting a commercial which the art director had chosen to film in a public square in front of the Cathedral of Santiago in Spain.  The director had Ronaldinho kick a few balls and one happened to hit a window and broke a couple pieces of glass.  Everyone was furious, of course, and horrified at the sacrilege of damaging the sacred windows and Ronaldinho was in tears.  I don’t know what happened to the art director but I hope the stupid guy was fired.


Ronaldinho recently unveiled a new comic strip featuring “Ronaldinho.”






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