Varios, 1969 - 2007




The last time Maria was in Oaxaca we went to the livestock auction in Tlacolula.  We saw a lot of nice cows.




Karolyn Kiisel recently sent out this nice postcard.  Congratulations, Karolyn.




My friend Sergio Santamaria came over the other day and helped me organize my collection of posters from the movement in Oaxaca.  Diana Ricci took our photo.  Thanks, you both.




Ahhhh ... Cowboys.




"Just looking."




The Madrid, Spain, newspaper EL PAIS recently ran this example from the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibit in Havana, Cuba.  You'll look a long time trying to find this in a U.S. paper, no?




My friend Ayax always enjoys playing with Felipe.




And my friend sk dunn recently sent me this great portrait of Brad Pitt taken by Robert Wilson in 2005.  Now, isn't she thoughtful?





Below, "Vortex," by Dan Havel and Dean Ruck, Houston, Texas, 2006.






Russell took this nice photo of Dino Castro and made it into a postcard for his upcoming concert.  Good luck, Dino!




Say, this looks like the ol' AAA spirit!  Madrid, Spain, c. 1895.




Below, Meret Oppenheim's "Le Déjeuner en fourrure," 1936, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.




Jessie Dunn-Gilbert and an actor horsing around backstage at the Napa Valley Theater Company, 1972.




Now, I have to really admire those French firemen, you know, well, they're really protesting something, aren't they?  Keep up the good work, fellas.




Now, you know I usually don't include ads on my Website, of course, but, well, couldn't you just ...? Nice dog.




And the (David) Beckham T-shirts were clearly in the majority at this, uh, game.




Below, "Self Portrait," by Bermuda Schwartz.




Below, Ruby, a very good girl.





I have always like this cartoonist from EL PAIS, Madrid:

            "I've dropped my cane and can't reach it."

            "Lucky you, get all the adventures."




Below, Marcos Ramírez, in our offices on Trujano Street, 2003.




            Here Señor Condón is explaining to Freckles about how to use a condom.  Freckles is complaining that he get splinters in his hand when he masturbates.




Below, "Charon Passing the Shades," by Pierre Subleyras, c. 1735.  (Charon!)







And Bill rolling a joint.  Hurry it up, Bill.




Another Winnie.




In 1983, my family got the (stupid) idea to print a "Reichhardt Family Cookbook," and invite family members to send in their favorite recipes.  Reichhardt was my grandmother Ella's maiden name.  I sent in the below, which they included.






Below, here I am telling the Mayor of Oaxaca, Alfonso Gómez Sandoval, where to sign on our document, November, 1992.




Here's one of my favorite players for Madrid, Zinedine Zidane, having to adjust his shorts.  Nice.




Here's some nice kids in Mexico City who got the idea to change the names of the streets which had featured past presidents and other genocidal dictators.  It's a great idea that could be applied around the world!




My friend, Ayax Cruz, was teaching these young actors about stage make-up and asked them to pose for a picture.




And a couple years ago, Ayax did this nice little computer drawing of Dottie.  Thanks, Ayax.




            And speaking of Dottie, my friend Jolene visited Oaxaca several years ago.  She recently saw our site and sent me this nice photo.  Thanks, Jolene.




            I like the lawn furniture.




            Below, Billy King shaving.  Nice.




            Below, Dottie sees off our friends Michael and Heidi going back to Germany after their nice visit.







            Now I remember.




            Here's a recent interpretation of evolution.  This critter was looking pretty good real early.  Hell, I'd take any of the last half-dozen!






'Nough said.




            Below, my friend Minne Dahlberg in Puerto Escondido officiated at the Welcoming Cocktail.  Way to go, Minne!






Below, a parade.  Date unknown.




The second act, below, at Mabuhay Gardens, North Beach, San Francisco, 1974.












The respectable Mexico City newspaper, LA JORNADA, below, recently ran a banner headline proclaiming that 30 percent of the world's population had "some mental disorder."  That would seem low to a casual observer.




Below, Ridge Street, New York, May 4, 1984.




Below, original production of Samuel Becket's "Happy Days," Cherry Lane Theater, New York, Ruth White as Winnie, John C. Beecher as Willie, 1961.




Below, Bermuda Schwartz object.



Below, "Where's the ART?", Dallas, Texas, 1986.











Below, grafitti during "gay week" in Oaxaca, June 16 - 23, 2007




Below, teacher Emeterio Merino Cruz Vásquez being beaten by the police outside the Guelaguetza Auditorium, Oaxaca, July 16, 2007.  (SEE: The Guelaguetza at War, in RECENT WRITINGS)




Below, photo of Diego Rivera kissed by Frida Kahlo, c. 1955.





Below, "Wearable Art" by Christopher Hodge (Woofy Bubbles), San Francisco, c. 1975.











Below, a Richard Serra sculpture.  That guy thinks BIG.



Below, Chuy de Santos, singer, songwriter from Oaxaca, now in Los Angeles.







Below, two Nickelettes at the Intersection Theater, 1976.



Below, Ayax Cruz, Oaxaca, 1994.



Below, Alma Becker, Julian Theater, San Francisco, c. 1973.



Below, Dale Meador as a Fairy in the crowd scene in "Rocket To Mars," 1975.






Below, Joy Phipps and Dale Meador rehearsing their parts of Mary Lu and "Ma" in "The Triple-Dick Monster from Outer Space," 1972








































































And, Bill peeing, Vicksburg Street, San Francisco, 1972.




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