NOTE: The following is a transcript of side one of a mail-order Audio Letter by a radio preacher found among the belongings of Tom Ellison and included in the instalation "Vallejo Garage" by Russell Ellison (SEE: Tableaux and Installations), 1979.



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Here my friends is where the new Russian intelligence weapon enters the picture.  What I am about to reveal I am revealing primarily for history.  I know even before I reveal it that some of my listeners will desert me after they hear it - saying that it just cannot be.  But my friends I also know that the events in the days ahead will be impossible to understand without knowing this secret so I do not ask that you believe it simply because I say it but what I do ask, and I ask it for your own good, is that you keep an open mind.  Listen and hear what I must now reveal.  Then watch events themselves.  My friends, since World War II and before, scientists the world over have been probing for the basic secrets of life itself and in this field as in others progress as been much faster than the public has been led to believe.  Today it is common knowledge that heredity has governed by something called genes yet barely a generation ago this relationship was only beginning to be suspected.  When it was suggested in 1944 by a theoretical physicist, Erwin Schro­dinger, it was a novel idea.  Beyond that no one was too certain what genes were aside from huge molecules or clusters of molecules.  Some thought they were molecular chunks of protein; some thought they were something else.  When Schrodinger's idea about genes were published, World War II was still raging and basic scientific re­search was on a back burner and yet, barely half a dozen years later, researchers were zeroing in on a building block of life even more basic than genes.  The sol­ution was found to this revolutionary puzzle in 1953 at Cambridge University in England.  Scientist James Watson, Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins were later to share the Nobel prize for solving the puzzle.  They had discovered the molecular structure of DNA, the famous double helix.  In 1968 Watson published titled "The Double Helix" published by Athenaeum, New York, New York.  To understand the over­whelming importance of the double helix discovery in 1953 one need go no further than these few words on the jacket of the book.  "DNA is the molecule of heredity and to know its structure and method of reproduction enables science to know how genetic directions are written and transmitted; how the forms of life are ordered from one generation to the next." Unquote.  In other words, to understand DNA is begin to understand life itself.  It has now been over a quarter a century since the crucial discovery of the DNA double helix and since then research in molecular biology has not been standing still, but speeding up.  In some cases research has gone in directions which are deliberately sheltered from publicity because of the fear of public reaction.  Not so long ago, for example, universities doing research into artificial microbes found their neighbors in an ugly mood when they found about it.  Test tube babies are now a reality and that began not long ago in England where the mystery of DNA was first unraveled.  Then of course there are clones, that is, creatures which are reproduced by artificial means and which are exact duplicates of an original.  Clones of all kinds of animals have been produced successfully in the laboratories but that is not what bothers people.  In the recent past it has been claimed that human clones are also possible and that some may already be in existence.  These last claims about human clones have been ridiculed, denied and suppressed by all kinds of officials.  The reason is that the idea of duplicate human beings impinges upon a super secret realm of intelligence activ­ities by both the Russians and the United States.  True, clones are not involved but something that bears a superficial resemblance to cloning is going on and the last thing the powers that be want is for you and the public to have any hint about what is afoot.  In Russia as well as in the West, research has been underway for many years in biological synthesis, that is, artificial life forms and, according to high intelligence, a stunning breakthrough took place in Russia some years ago.  The Russians refer to this breakthrough as a providential discovery, something they learned almost by accident.  They discovered the key to creating what are known as organic robotoids.  An organic robotoid is an artificial robot-like creature.  It looks and acts exactly like a human being and yet it is not human.  A robotoid is live in the biological sense but it is an artificial life form.  Robotoids respond to conventional routine medical tests in the same way as humans do.  They eat, they drink, they breathe, they bleed if cut and they can be killed.  Robotoids can also think but they think only in the sense that a computes thinks.  Like any other computer the brain of a robotoid has to be programmed for each assignment it is given.  By this means they were hoping to bring America to her knees with one swift blow, but if that failed that were prepared for all out war.  It was a desperate gamble for the Kremlin.  Far more dangerous than the Cuban missile crisis of 1962.  In a military double-cross the Kremlin was terminating unilaterally the secret Rocker­feller-Soviet alliance of nearly six decades.  But nuclear war did not erupt then, thanks primarily to the brave actions of just one man.  That man was the late General George S. Brown, then chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  It was he who persuaded then President Gerald Ford to give the order overruling Henry Kissinger to remove the Russian missiles from America's waters.  In Audio Letter 16 that September I revealed the loyal brave actions of General Brown in preventing nuclear war.  Those actions include my own lengthy meeting with him at the Pentagon on September 16, 1976.  For doing his duty General Brown very soon encountered reprisals against him.  It began in October 1976, soon after my meeting with him.  The major media began cutting him down and he was even forced to apologize on national television for some alleged remarks that were six months old.  Up until then General Brown had been famous for his outspoken, forthright behavior.  But after that he quickly faded into obscurity.  He did not actively serve out his term as chairman of the Joint Chiefs and reportedly died of cancer soon after retiring.  In Audio Letters 17 and 23, I revealed how the fate of General Brown was tied directly to a drastic reversal in America's fortunes, but until now I have never revealed what finally happened to General Brown.  Now at last I can tell you.  I'll return to the matter of General Brown after telling you some other things which you need to know first.  The neutralization of General Brown was part of an effort by the late four Rockefeller brothers to reinstate their former secret alliance with the Soviet Union.  The brothers simply could not believe at first that the alliance was gone for good.  It was not until mid-1977 that they received evidence convincing them that their old allies in Russia, the atheistic Bolsheviks were being overthrown.  Up until then the brothers were still trying to glue things back together.  In this regard a little known practice of the late Nelson Rockefeller is now acquiring crucial importance.  Of the four brothers, Nelson in particular, always lived in fear of being assassinated.  Like a moth drawn to a flame he craved the limelight and yet feared it at the same time.  Most of all he was always worried that someone close to him, someone he himself had placed in power, would someday double-cross him and as I revealed in Audio Letter 43, his fears were well founded.  For Nelson Rockefeller the lust for power was rivaled by only one other emotion - revenge.  He never forgot a grudge.  For example, three decades ago a young California congressman named Richard Nixon marked himself for Rockefeller's hatred.  Nixon went after an intimate associate of Rockefellers named Alger Hiss, charging treasonous activity by Hiss.  Finally, Hiss wound up behind bars, not for treason but for perjury in connection with treason.  Rockefeller was enraged and vowed to do in Nixon one day.  Later when Rockefeller created the 25th Amendment of the United States Constitution he kept Nixon in mind.  The 25th Amendment was the means by which Rockefeller intended to become president without being elected.  The stage was set for a scandal called Watergate and Nixon was maneuvered into the Oval Office so that it would be he that was ruined by Watergate.  As planned, Nixon left the Presidency in disgrace and Hiss left prison as a sympathetic figure in the major media.  In the same way Nelson Rockefeller wanted to make sure that if he should ever be murdered he would have his revenge even from the grave.  And so over the years he made a habit of keeping a complete list of all the people placed in important positions by his brothers and himself.  Periodically he provided copies of the latest list to certain elements within Russia's intelligence community.  His political testament contains instructions that were very simple.  If anybody ever killed me, use the list -find out who did it.  I don't care if you have to get rid of everybody on the list, just do it.  In doing this the one thing he never anticipated was that the Rockefeller -Soviet alliance itself would come apart.  Even so, the Rockefeller hit lists are now coming into their own in a way that he could never have anticipated, because the Bolsheviks who carried out the coup d'état against the Rockefellers are also the enemies of the new ruling faction in Russia.  So Russia for her own reasons is now using Nelson Rockefeller's hit list in the secret intelligence war now going on.  They know exactly whom to go after here in America and have known for years and they have been preparing for years to be in a position to use the list if that turned out to be the best way to proceed.  In June 1978, we were told that General Brown was retiring and last December the fifth, 1978, we were told that he had died of cancer.  At that point the General Brown double collected his pay and headed for Frankfort, West Germany, where he landed on December 11, 1978 at 3:30 a.m. local time.  It is a standing rule that doubles for important people never live long and so at about 7:30 that evening General Brown's double was shot to death in the back of the neck.  Last month I revealed that an intelligence war of doubles had erupted in the United States.  President Carter, Vice President Mondale and their wives had fallen victim to this war of doubles as their Easter breaks away from Washington were ending.  Now I'm sorry to report that Amy Carter, Billy Carter, Lillian Carter and Hugh Carter all died soon after Jimmy and Rosalyn did.  All of them, including Amy have been replaced by doubles but instead of the Bolshevik doubles who had been waiting in the wings those we are seeing are Russia organic robotoids.  The voice of the Jimmy Carter double, which was reproduced in Audio Letter 45 is the voice of a robotoid.  That robotoid was the one who was dazzling everyone with his vigorous new image.  Only a few months ago Carter had been limping around with what we were told were severe hemorrhoids but now out of the blue, here was a Carter who was a power house - hiking, fishing and jogging ten miles a day, he also looked and sounded younger than before.  That was the first robotoid double for Carter which I referred to last month as Cartel No. 2.  By the time I recorded Audio Letter No. 45 there was also another Carter robotoid making the rounds.  This one, Jimmy Carter No. 3 was the one that attended the Holocaust observances in the capital building.  By contrast with Carter No. 2, No. 3 looks noticeably older and more haggard.  As I mentioned earlier robotoids are very good copies but they are not perfect.  No two look exactly alike.  Last month I mentioned that the doubles for Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter were spending a great deal of time at the Russian embassy here in Washington instead of at the White House.  Now I can tell you why.  Robotoids are programmed at the embassy for each assignment.  Between assignments they simply test there in a state of reduced metabolism.  When the Bolshevik coup d'état the Rockefellers began four months ago the Kremlin rulership already knew the Bolshevik doubles would soon be on the scene and they knew that if the Bolsheviks were allowed to complete the takeover of the United States Russia would soon suffer.  The Bolshevik plans for nuclear war against Russia are a blueprint for suicide for America but they have not been abandoned.  Up until now the Russians had been keeping the robotoid capabilities under wraps and there was a real question whether they would ever be used.  But the Bolshevik coup d'état convinced them that time had come to deploy the robotoids.  Now they are using Nelson Rockefeller's hit list and using the robotoids.  The Russians have already altered the course of world events in dramatic ways.  This is the end of side one.  Please advance tape to the end and turn the cassette over to continue.

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